Is Your Insurance Website a Lead Generation Hub?

Now that we’ve begun 2012, take a good hard look at your website. Your insurance website should serve as the hub of all other marketing activities. What about insurance advertising, tradeshows, email marketing and direct mail? Those should be the spokes that drive leads to your website hub.

To determine if your insurance website is as effective as it should be, ask these 10 crucial questions:

  1. How often is your website’s content updated?
  2. Is every page of your website optimized to target one or two keywords with strong organic traffic potential?
  3. Is the traffic on your website growing?
  4. Is your website generating leads through the use of compelling offers that go beyond the standard free quote?
  5. When you get a lead, do you deploy an automated insurance lead nurturing process?
  6. Are you using an insurance blog to continuously add fresh content and target promising keywords?
  7. Is your insurance blog integrated with your insurance social media accounts?
  8. Are you posting to your insurance blog and social media accounts at least twice a week?
  9. Can you tell where your website leads are coming from and how well they are converting?
  10. Are you using data from your website to fine-tune your overall insurance marketing strategy?

If you’re thinking of updating your website, take a hard look at metrics and strategy. All too often, insurance organizations focus on look and feel, while they completely neglect function. Don’t make this mistake!

Before you shell out the big bucks to the website supershops, make them jump through a few hoops. In some cases, their bells and whistles don’t add up to quality leads – particularly for B2B insurance marketers. Below are a few questions to ask before you sign on the dotted line:

  • Can we update our own web page content? How easy is it to add new pages?
  • If we need you to make a website change or add a landing page, what is the turnaround time and cost involved?
  • What percentage of your websites focus on business-to-business lead generation vs. business-to-consumer lead generation?
  • Can you provide ROI case studies or testimonials for business-to-business clients?
  • What lead nurturing capabilities does your website software have?
  • Does your insurance website software allow me to integrate lead generation, email marketing, lead nurturing, SEO, social media and results tracking in one user-friendly dashboard?

If you’d like explore this topic further, make sure to request my free report, “Effective Insurance Websites – What You Need to Know Before Your Next Redesign.”

Star Watching Tips

A popular misconception on Astronomy is that it requires high-priced equipment as well as great prior knowledge. However, Astronomy starts with ‘star watching’. Star watching is engaging but not necessarily difficult. It does not require an expensive telescope or remarkable skills. Star gazing is flexible enough to meet everyone’s enthusiasm. You can start out with your naked eye learning to identify a number of constellations and stars. You will gradually be able to recognize any constellation on a clear night sky visible to the naked eye on any time of the year. This demands of you nothing more than a bit of enthusiasm and basic knowledge of star watching.

So what are the prerequisites of star watching? Simple, a pair of eyes and a ‘star chart’. A star chart is an outline or map, of the night sky on a particular season of the year. Star charts are made for different seasons, simply because the sky is not the same on all times of the year. The reason behind is that the glare of the sun affects the brightness of the night sky differently in different seasons. Star charts are also occasionally made for different regions. You can easily guess why, observers on the different regions of earth will clearly witness a different layout of the sky above them. However, before learning more about star charts, let us see some general tips for star watching.

General Tips on Star watching:

Far from the downtown: If you stay within a city or town, the lights from buildings and structures may over-illuminate the sky thus reducing the visibility of many stars. If you’re in the outskirts or have few edifices around, this won’t be a problem. If you can’t go out somewhere for your star watching activity, you can probably wait till the city lights dim to a minimum.

Select your facility: It can be your backyard, or your roof-top, find a comfortable, serene place where you get a full (bright) view of the night sky.

Get geared up: Dress yourself suitably (so that you don’t freeze on long star gazing sessions), get some munchies and/or hot-coffee for added festivity, A relaxing chair, and a flashlight covered with red wrapper (the wavelength of red illumination doesn’t affect your ability to watch faint objects in sky). Many suggest a bug-spray, just in case.

No full moon, please: Ideally, you’ve to plan your star gazing activity observing the moon phase. Star watching is ideal on no-full moon.

Where’s the map? Most importantly, get a star chart or star chart software. See more on star charts below.

Star charts and Star chart software:

Where can I get them? Star charts are available in many formats. There are weekly magazines that publish star charts of specific regions for their published time period. Another place to look at is the Internet. However, once you start your star gazing, its best to use a star chart software that draws the current sky map. This is extremely useful for a star watcher. A star chart software can draw the exact sky map for a given region at the input time. It also takes care of many other factors, the moon phase, the exact latitude and longitude of the given region, the motion of the solar system through the galaxy, the glare of the sun affecting the brightness of sky among many others. All these complex functions are built into the star chart software to provide the most accurate star chart custom made for you! This way, you can plan your star watching session ideally beforehand, and mark points of interest you would like to watch every week. Moreover, such software is free to obtain.

How can I use it? Once you obtain a star chart, whether a generic star chart, or a printed star chart from your favorite star mapping software, you can start finding the patterns of constellations in the sky! This is the exciting part, of course, and its easy. If you’re using software to make your star charts, you can easily recognize what’s above, because you have a more-than-accurate map of the sky. Once you start recognizing the constellations, you will naturally begin to learn identifying individual stars. Once again, your star chart software aids you in this greatly.

What next? Now that you can identify your favorite stars and constellations on any night sky, the next step is to observe the sky for long terms. Yes, that’s how you learn how the sky changes its appearance as the earth moves through its orbit every year, and the entire solar system traverses through the milky way. There’s no better way to appreciate the majestic sky than watching it through the year. Once you become proficient at it, i.e., after a year or two, you might want to get deeper into astronomy. Next steps include buying a 7×50 binoculars for watching objects of lesser magnitude, later a telescope to begin with, joining an astro-club, and so on. The fascination of Astronomy is guaranteed to take you a long way.

Obesity and Work Don’t Mix

Work and obesity. Is there a connection? There definitely is a connection with obesity and heart disease. That’s already been proven. But just being overweight by a little can lead to problems down the road.

In Ohio, my state, the obesity rate for the entire state for 2008 was around 28%. More then a quarter of the state is overweight. And let’s not beat around the bush with politically correct terminology either – Fat! More then a quarter of the state! But the overall average is about 1 in every 3 people for the entire United States.

What’s the difference between obesity and being overweight. The info will be different depending on where you get your stats from. Overweight for women would mean that you are carrying 33% body fat or more, and for men 19% or more. And with regards to body fat there are age modifications. Apparently the older you get the higher your body fat percentage can be and still be considered in the same category as you were when you were younger, even though you are fatter. Ridiculous if you ask me.

Obesity on the other hand is when your body fat percentage is over 39% for women and 25% for men.

And then there is body mass index. Which for the general population is just fine, but for athletes and fitness buffs is all wrong. I would be considered overweight and close to obese with a body fat of around 10% – see, doesn’t work. But pretty much if your Body Mass Index (BMI) falls between 25-29.9 you are overweight, and if it is over 30 you are obese. There are BMI calculators all over the Internet that can help you find exactly what yours is.

But how does all that affect work performance? How does it affect life performance? The fact is it will reduce the quality of both. Being overweight, or worse obese, has tremendous impact on your entire body and life.

Heart disease is the number one problem associated with obesity. About 70% of all heart disease related cases are related to obesity. Then of course there is all the other problems that you have probably heard of: diabetes, certain types of cancers, stroke, blindness, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, sexual problems, difficulty walking and breathing, joint pain, and many more.

Now that is quite an extensive list of ailments. Don’t you think that all those problems would lead to more doctor visits, more sick days. Another problem is the lack of concentration. If someone has a list of problems to deal with and think about it is probable that their mind will be someplace else rather then on the job. Nutrition and your diet play a huge role in concentration level.

Which brings me to the reason the worker got to this point in the first place. Their diet and/or a lack of physical activity. It’s not hard to figure out: eat bad food and don’t exercise then you are surely on the road to put on a few pounds. Unless you have a super fast metabolism it is pretty much unavoidable. Just how far they spiral into the overweight realm or even the obesity realm is really up to them.

Now again, diet does play a role in concentration level. There are certain foods that can boost brain function and concentration. Foods like blueberries, eggs, spinach, broccoli, tea, nuts, Omega-3 rich foods, and fish. Those are all very powerful foods not only for concentration but for general health as well. What are most employees eating for lunch or snacks at your workplace? And I’m not just talking the overweight ones, either. Most likely it’s something sugary, sweet, or fattening. Fast food is quite common.

Nutrition is just one part of it; the other is physical activity or exercise. In order to have the most powerful and productive workforce a company can have both of these things need to addressed either in the initial interview or by company wellness programs.

Let’s say you’re a hiring manager and you have two candidates interviewing for a job with the same credentials. One candidate is lean, thin and looks to be excellent shape, and the other is obese and can’t walk to your office without breathing heavy. Who are you going to hire? It is illegal to discriminate against a person for anything especially in the workplace. But do you think it doesn’t matter?

Computer Viruses

History shows that in 1982 a man called Rich Skrenta made the first virus and put it “in the wild”. This means that the virus infected systems other than the one where it was created and tested. Today experts tell us that we are losing the war against the viruses. Mikko Hypponen who is believed to be with much influence in Internet says: “This is not just a battle between manufacturers of security software and some internet criminals. It is a war between good and evil”.

Microsoft describes the virus as a small program designed to interfere with the computer system and usually take control over it. One of its main functions is to spread around the net to other users and for this it usually uses the e-mail software or instant message tools.

The damage that a virus could make is usually permanent. It can erase data, it can change it on a way that is no longer useable or it can delete your whole hard drive. Some viruses of course don’t target the data. They spy on your activity and warn their creators about it. In fact we can’t predict what the next virus could do. It is a program like all your software. It can do anything.

When talking about viruses most inexperienced users imagine horrible things because the very word virus terrifies them. Others take it very lightly saying: “What is the worse that can happen? I’ll just reinstall some software…” But where these frivolous thoughts end and begin the real problem?

To be infected could be a crime by itself. Imagine yourself working on a big corporation that in every moment dependents on the Internet and on every computer system in it. If your system is infected the infrastructure of the corporation is at stake because you are part of this infrastructure.

If we check the news we will see things like ReverseClick.A is a Trojan that disables some of your primary programs like task manger and registry editor, it swaps you mouse buttons and do a lot of things that you won’t like. XPCSpy can hide itself using some advanced technologies know as rootkits, Piggi.B conceal itself in the well known browser Internet Explorer and every time the user runs it the system is “updated” again with the virus code. The list of news goes on and every day new viruses appears to threaten our systems.

“When this will end?” you may ask but no ending is foreseen. The only protection against viruses today is the anti-virus.

Anti-virus is software that works on different modes. In real time mode it checks all system activity and looks for malicious codes that are executed in the system. In scanning mode it can checks all files for the core code of different viruses or parts of them. Usually good anti-virus software can prevent most infections before they are able to do damage. It is very important for the protection software to be updated on regular bases because it uses different virus definitions that you need to have. In a bad day anti-virus companies receives more then 40000 possible virus codes and they work very hard on making a definition and a way to disinfect the system. This is why an update is always required and a good way to do that is to set your auto update option on.

There is no way to be sure if your system is clean and you are safe to work. That’s why many people choose to have some experienced people working for them to prevent data stealing or deletion. One good virus removal company is Rescue Techusa

The Beatles – Songs Released in 1964

Songs released by The Beatles in 1964, listed alphabetically. The Beatles released two official UK albums in ’64 – A Hard Day’s Night & Beatles For Sale. You’ll see below that while Paul McCartney was writing some great songs during this period, John Lennon was the bigger creative force in 1964. As things would move forward this would begin to equal out and in some years McCartney would write more of The Beatles songs than Lennon did.

1. “A Hard Day’s Night”

Written and sung by John Lennon, this is one of the Beatles most famous early songs, partly because it’s also the title for their influential movie of the same name also released in 1964. It was of course also the name of the accompanying album which holds the distinction of being the only Beatles album to include only Lennon/McCartney originals. It was The Beatles 3rd album and a big step forward for the band. “A Hard Day’s Night” was a #1 single both the US & the UK.

2. “And I Love Her”

Written (mostly) and sung by Paul McCartney. This was one of The Beatles best early ballads. It was a #12 single in the US.

3. “Any Time at All”

Written and sung by John Lennon.

4. “Baby’s in Black”

A true Lennon/McCartney track (co-written & co-sung.) It’s somewhat unique in that it’s in 3/4 time (or “waltz” time.) Most Beatles (and rock/pop songs in general) are in 4/4 time.

5. “Can’t Buy Me Love”

Written and sung by Paul McCartney. #1 single in both the US and the UK.

6. “Eight Days a Week”

Like “A Hard Day’s Night” this title came from something Ringo Starr would say that wasn’t quite right but Lennon liked the sound of it and took it for a song. It was a #1 in the US and it was also a real Lennon/McCartney collaboration (rather than one in name only.)

7. “Every Little Thing”

Written by Paul McCartney but John Lennon was the lead singer. This is quite unusual as in most Beatles songs the lead singer was also the primary songwriter except in the case of Ringo Starr (and also George Harrison in the early years) who usually sang covers or Lennon/McCartney songs.

8. “Everybody’s Trying to Be My Baby”

This was a cover. Written by Carl Perkins and sung by George Harrison.

9. “Honey Don’t”

This is another Carl Perkins cover. This one was sung by Ringo Starr.

10. “I Call Your Name”

Written & sung by John Lennon. This was on a UK EP and today can only be found on the Past Masters Volume One.

11. “I Don’t Want to Spoil the Party”

Written & sung by John Lennon.

12. “I Feel Fine”

Written & sung by John Lennon. This was a single only release (not on any album) and can today be fund on The Beatles 1 and on the Past Masters Volume One. It reached #1 in both the US & the UK. It’s well known for the way it opens with guitar feedback which is an early sign of The Beatles coming experiments in the studio.

13. “I Should Have Known Better”

Written & sung by John Lennon.

14. “If I Fell”

Written & sung by John Lennon. A good example that McCartney was not the only balladeer of the Lennon/McCartney team.

15. “I’ll Be Back”

Written & sung by John Lennon.

16. “I’ll Cry Instead”

Written & sung by John Lennon. Along with being included on the A Hard Day’s Night album, it was released as a single in the US. It hit #25 on the US singles charts.

17. “I’ll Follow the Sun”

Written & sung by Paul McCartney. Actually originally written when McCartney was only a teenager in 1959.

18. “I’m a Loser”

Written & sung by John Lennon. The songs’ self depreciating lyrics were an early sign of the Beatles beginning to mature as lyricists.

19. “I’m Happy Just to Dance with You”

Written by John Lennon and sung by George Harrison.

20. “Kansas City”/”Hey, Hey Hey Hey”

This was a cover sung by Paul McCartney. The song(s) are credited to Lieber/Stoller/Penniman and was made famous by Little Richard (Penniman.)

21. “Komme Gib Mir Deine Hand”

Yes, you read that correctly. This was a German version of the mega hit “I Want to Hold Your Hand” which was released as a single in Germany. It can be heard today on Past Masters Volume One.

22. “Long Tall Sally”

Another Little Richard cover sung by Paul McCartney. The song is credited to Blackwell/Johnson/Penniman (Little Richard.) It was on a UK EP release. It can be found today on Past Masters Volume One.

23. “Matchbox”

Another Carl Perkins cover. This one was sung by Ringo Starr. It was released as a single in the US and reached #17 in the charts. Like all of the other early singles/EP releases that were not included on any UK albums, it can be heard on Past Masters Volume One.

24. “Mr. Moonlight”

This is a cover of a song written by Roy Lee Johnson. It was sung by John Lennon.

25. “No Reply”

A true Lennon/McCartney composition, although Lennon was the lead songwriter/singer.

26. “Rock and Roll Music”

A Chuck Berry cover. Sung by John Lennon.

27. “She’s A Woman”

Written & sung by Paul McCartney. It was the b-side to “I Feel Fine” and can be heard on Past Masters Volume One.

28. “Sie Liebt Dich”

The German version of “She Loves You.” Can be heard on Past Masters Volume One. Actually charted at #97 on the US singles charts despite being in German.

29. “Slow Down”

A Larry Williams cover. Sung by John Lennon. Can be heard on Past Masters Volume One.

30. “Tell Me Why”

Written and sung by John Lennon.

31. “Things We Said Today”

Written and sung by Paul McCartney.

32. “What You’re Doing”

Written and sung by Paul McCartney.

33. “When I Get Home”

Written and sung by John Lennon.

34. “Words of Love”

A Buddy Holly cover. Sung by Lennon & McCartney.

35. “You Can’t Do That”

Written & sung by John Lennon.

Choosing Your ATV Tires for Your Specific Needs

Any All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) owner needs to be conscious of the many kinds of ATV tires available for his or her purchase. Though most ATVs come with stock tires, a few different varieties of aftermarket versions are available that are suitable for different situations. Those made specifically for street use are not ideal for snow or mud riding. These tires are made for specific terrains and are made by a number of quality brands. Here are some facts on the many ATV tire variations which are offered:

General ATV Tires

Almost every all terrain vehicle comes factory installed with general purpose ATV tires. They are designed to be used in general, all around off roading, but if you lean towards one form of off roading primarily than a specialized tire like one for mud or snow would be your best bet.

Paddle Tires

If you’re looking to use your ATV on the sand, then paddle tires are your best option. If you’ve never seen a paddle tire, just imagine very large balls with paddles. To be honest, they look more like paddles on old riverboats. Even though they’re efficient in sand, they’re not suggested for other kinds of riding.

Mud Tires

If you’re planning on off-roading with your ATV in deep mud conditions, you’ll want an ATV tire that is designed to handle it. ATV mud tires are made with large gaps and irregular tread spacing to guarantee a superior grip that rids itself of mud as you ride. In addition, the design of mud tires spins as much as possible to rid the mud from the tire.

Snow Tires

The most unique-looking tire of the bunch is probably the snow tire. Each snow tire features horizontal treads that wrap around the it – much like a snow chain. This design enables the tires to firmly grip the snow instead of helplessly spinning in it.

Trail Tires

Trail tires bear a striking resemblance to their mud counterparts. The only difference is that the treads are slightly shorter and may be closer together. These tires are also made of tougher rubber and are higher priced than most of their counterparts.

ATV Tire Brands

There are a number of quality ATV tire brands to choose from. These include Maxxis, Kenda, STI, Interco (Super Swamper), and GBC to name a few. All of these are good brands to there’s no need to worry about making a bad choice. Choosing your tire brand from quality manufacturers just requires some time and planning. Pick the tire that fits your needs and budget.

Free Bingo – Making Use of Online Freebies

Bingo is one of the games that has become a massive hit on the Internet.

Gaming in general has taken on a new twist with the advent of the Internet, traditional gaming venues such as with Bingo which usually used conference halls, purposely built centres or other large venues to host their “bingo night”, these were usually restricted to weekends or Friday nights where many of their members had the free time to participate. The Internet has removed that time limit restriction so now bingo and other online games can be played 24 hours a day, regardless of the weather or a venue being double booked. These businesses have also found out that a great deal of cost can be done away with by moving their business models online. As a result several bingo and gaming sites have sprung up, and with the substantial savings to be had in no longer having a brick and mortar venue, realised that this saved revenue can be used in much more profitable ways, enticing current customers and new customers to sign up and participate in their bingo site.

No longer is it a past time amongst old age pensioners, looking for some activity or to socialise with friends. It is also being coveted by young adults and the MTV/Internet generation.

Not only is it fun and relaxing, participants may also find themselves the lucky recipient of an unexpected prize. That is the magic of bingo, as you never know when your luck can change, so in certain ways it resonates with the optimist in all of us.

And one of the best things about playing bingo online is that a great deal of companies are so certain that members will enjoy bingo, and will more than likely return to continue this pastime, that they are prepared to offer a free sign up bonus, i.e. bingo money to participate on their site, play bingo as well as other games, this sign up bonus is as much as £400, just to play bingo for FREE.

However some of these bonuses usually have a small print, in that members should deposit a certain amount. All bingo sites vary but the normal rule is that the amount deposited in order to receive their free bonus, should equal or be half of that of the free bonus. This requirement might put people off from enjoying bingo, but not all sites are the same, and they are some rare exceptions that are so confident new sign ups will love bingo that they are prepared to fore go any deposit requirement on behalf of their members, and what they win playing bingo even with the free bingo money, they get to keep.

This makes for an exciting bingo experience, as some of these companies have invested in state of the art software, that brings the excitement and aura of a real bingo event right in front of their monitor. So the combination of a free bingo money coupled with the excitement of playing bingo online with no risks tends to bring repeat customers, who have a great time enjoying a great past time which they can do for fun or profit.

Save Money When Buying Home Appliances

Buy home appliances for your new home is a daunting task, you need to figure out that what things are necessary for buying. If you are buying a new house, you need to plan a budget for buying new home appliances. Some of the people buy new home appliances even without changing homes, just for changing the environment of the house. Home appliances cover almost everything for example, kitchen appliances, laundry appliances, electrical appliances and numerous other appliances. If you want to buy home appliance and save money too, you need to follow some instructions and tips. There are several tips which can help you in buying home accessories at reduced prices.

As you know recession period is going on, in such situations, no one can afford to buy expensive and unnecessary appliances. Everyone wants to save money along with making some essential purchases for home. No one can afford to spend all of his / her budget on buying appliances, thus you need to look up ways for savings. Buy home appliances at reduced costs by having coupons and by availing discounts, offers and promotional deals. It is very important to make good and wise decisions when you have low-budget.

Some of the things which you need to buy for your new house include furniture, fixtures, fittings and several other items. It is very obvious that buying new home is quite expensive, so if you have to decorate your new house and you have to buy home appliances, you must try to save money when making purchases. When you are going to make a list of things which are required for the home, you need to stick to the essential things only. You should think of buying unnecessary items in the beginning, such items can be bought with the passage of time. To buy home appliances requires you to prepare a list and then review it and see if there are still some appliances which are not needed at the moment. You must spend on buying things which are necessary for living. You can start shopping for appliance by buying the things which are most needed and then if you are left with any cash, then you can buy the rest of the appliances.

One of the most important things you need to keep in mind is that you should not compromise on the quality of the appliance even if it is available in low price. You need to buy the high quality product because appliances are not bought on regular basis. You need to buy them once in a lifetime or they are used for a very long time. To buy home appliances requires you to be sure about the brand and quality of things like if you are buying DVD player, a refrigerator, air conditioner, television and / or house protection unit. Do not go for low-cost items if it is not durable and reliable, you should spend bit more in buying good quality thing instead of saving money by following an unhealthy tip.

For buying home appliances, you need to know few things: you must compare the prices of the things over online websites or you can do this by visiting different shops. Online websites are best suited for buying appliances, in this way you do not need to travel to the market and you can compare prices too. You would be able to get to know that which brand is durable for which appliance. You can even buy second-hand items through online stores. Just conduct thorough web search and find the used items dealing websites. Buy appliances through online routes is simple and effortless.

10 Steps To Grow Rich

Today as I sat down at my computer I was wondering “what 10 things can a person do right now to grow rich their life?” Here is a list of 10 things you can do right now to grow rich in your life:

1) Find out where your finances are right now: both assets and liabilities. Get your papers organized and your bookkeeping up to date. This will give you a snap shot of where you are at financially today.

2) Set up a monthly budget for expenses going out and income coming in. If possible, put away savings–even if it is a little bit. Remember, small amounts add up to big amounts over time, whether that be for savings (+) or for debt (-). Once you know your monthly expenses and your budget is balanced put some of your savings into your investments.

3) Find ways to eliminate debt. Do you have immediate debt to pay off? If you do, make a plan to put a certain amount of dollars on your debt. Even if you can get a lower interest rate to pay off a big sum of money at a higher interest rate, that will help to eliminate debt. Pay over and above the minimum payment to pay off your debt. Perhaps you can work at an extra part-time job or business purposely to get out of debt.

4) Go to work if you have a job and if you need a job find work. If you have a job, give yourself credit for getting up and going to work everyday. That is excellent. If you work on your own business, continue to do that. If you have a job but still need extra income start a side business. There is always something a person can do, whether that be selling items at home parties, making an income through internet marketing or doing a service for someone. Keeping a good attitude is half the battle in persevering in what you are doing.

5) No matter if you are working or not, start a business on the side. If you are working right now, a side business will help you gain back some tax money because of the expenses you will incur from your business. If you are not working and need income, and you cannot get a job, you can still start your own business, even if it’s temporary. Once your basic living expenses are met, start thinking of ways to increase your income so you can use it to invest in savings, stocks or bonds, mutual funds, and/or real estate.

6) Continue to increase your education. I believe we should always be learning marketable skills. If you are in business, what course can you take to increase your skills? What course(s) can you take to make yourself more competitive in the market? What marketable skills can you do to make money that people will pay you for?

7) Always work on health and fitness goals. “What does health and fitness have to do with growing rich?” you might ask. Good question. Health and fitness has everything to do with growing rich. Having good health and fitness gives people increased energy, a creative mind, and overall enjoyment in life. Studies have shown that good looking people make more money than people who do not take care of themselves.

8) Everyone should be attempting to market something. Find a niche that suits you and start learning how to market it. For some, selling will come naturally; for most people, it is an acquired skill that you will have to learn. No matter where you are at, why it is important to be in the market place is because this whole world is based on buying and selling. “If you can’t beat them, join them.” No use always giving your money to someone else for something. Start acquiring money from others by selling something they want or need. Of course, keep it legitimate and above board.

9) Invest your money. Everyone has heard of investing their money, but a lot of people still do not grasp the importance of investing and therefore do not invest. Why is that? Investing your money simply means to allow your money to work for you over time and to allow your money to grow. All you need to do, is to go to a financial adviser that you trust, perhaps from your own bank, and learn what they have to offer. Go to 3 different financial advisers before you make a decision on how and what to invest in.

Many people say that they do not have any money left over, after they pay for everything they want, to invest with. That is the problem right there. They are looking for money left over to use to invest with. Instead, take a small portion of your money and invest first. Use the rest of your money for expenses and anything left over can be for “consumable goods” that you most probably do not need. Of course, I am not talking about consumable items you or your family needs, but there is a lot of consumable items you do not need that are purchased out of habit. Instead, this money could go toward investments, even savings investments.

Always follow your intuition on investing. If you have a bad feeling in your intuition about an investment, do not do it. Most financial advisers will help a person with their comfort zone as to the amount of risk they feel comfortable in taking in their investments, measuring it to the age of the investor. If everything looks sound and wise and you feel comfortable about it, then invest. Believe it or not, our mind, feelings and intuition can lead us to what is a good investment or not. Follow that.

Also, never underestimate the value of saving a little bit of money here and there over time.

10) Do not expect to grow rich overnight or to win the lottery. The proverbs say that gathering a little at a time is a good way to grow rich. This concept of gathering a little money everyday and putting it into an investment that grows a little at a time, almost always grows money without fail. Sometimes people do not gather a little money at a time because they think it is too minuscule and will not amount to anything-so why bother.

The problem with that type of thinking is that not investing anything will add up to nothing over time and that is what you are trying to avoid. It is better to invest a little at a time than nothing at all. If you have a big windfall of money, then invest that as well.

Most of us want the big payday, what is known as “the big ship to come in”. However, some people wait their whole lives for the big ship to come in and it never comes. Instead, it is better to gather money a little at a time and invest where and when you can.

Once you have enough money accumulated you can invest in real estate or stocks (retirement funds, mutual funds, etc). This may be the longer road to acquiring wealth, but you will feel secure and confident that your money is growing bigger over time in various places. Do not place your hope on the big elusive ship that may or many not come in. If it does come in, that is a bonus!

10 Tips for Smart Shopping Online – Save Money and Stay Safe

Did you shop online this holiday season? You are not the only one. The National Retail Federation estimated that 72 million consumers planned to shop online on December 10th alone. But how do you know you are really getting the best deal and the best product?

1. Check out shopping comparison sites for a quick comparison of prices. Basically, these sites are search engines for gathering prices of products from a variety of merchants. Enter the product’s model number if available, and be as specific as you can about its features. This way you can be sure you are comparing the same product. Examples include PriceGrabber, MySimon, and Also, RoboShopper will do a meta-search of several comparison sites.

2. There are general discount sites, such as Overstock, where you can find deals on almost anything. They get excess merchandise from other retailers and sell the merchandise to you at bargain prices.

3. Check coupon sites for current codes that can be used for your purchases. These codes can be by merchant or by product, so be sure to search for both. These coupon sites lead you to retailers, rather than selling you the merchandise directly. You can find relevant coupons by searching on Google for the merchant/product name AND (coupon OR promo*) AND code.

4. Try auction sites, such as eBay, for great deals on used (or sometimes new) items. Just be sure to read the description carefully and ask any questions of the seller before you buy. Also, check out the seller’s feedback.

5. Be sure to factor in shipping & handling fees when comparing prices. Some sites low-ball on the published price to attract more buyers, but tack on excessive fees.

6. Buy from a site that does not charge sales tax in your state, if possible. Online shopping is tax-free if a merchant does not do business in your state, so be sure to factor that into your price comparisons.

7. Check the site’s return policy before buying. Beware of limited return policies, or “restocking fees.” Also note who will be responsible for return shipping.

8. If you are shopping at a site for the first time, be sure to check out the merchant’s reputation. You can do this on Google by typing: “merchant name” AND (review OR feedback). To see if a company has any complaints listed against it, go to

9. Know what you are buying. Read the product’s description carefully to be sure you are getting what you expect. You can find reviews of all types of products by doing a Google search for: “your product” AND (reviews OR feedback). If you have any questions, be sure to contact customer support before you buy.

10. When checking out with a credit card, be sure that the site address starts with “https://” or “shttp://”. This indicates it is a secure site and your information should be transmitted safely.